VEO 100 NX Dive Computer

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by admin on May 24, 2009

Full-Featured Air or Nitrox Personal Dive Computer in a compact package. The Oceanic Veo 100 Nx coordinates carefully arranged information with the Oceanic trademark ease-of-use, oversized digits, bar graphs and intuitive icons. Loaded with features but still very user friendly with a single operating button. The Veo 100 Nx Dive Computer comes in 3 versions: Wrist Unit, Combi or Navcon.


* Air and Nitrox Operating Modes
* Easy to learn and use
* Customize the information displayed during a dive with a press of a button
* “Hockey Puck” module is the same size as most depth gauges for easy and inexpensive console upgrades
* Water activation
* Diver-replaceable battery with Hot Swap memory allows battery change between dives
* Safety stop prompt – 12 dive log book


The Veo 100 Nx acts simply as an ‘Air’ computer until you tell it otherwise, whether that is this weekend or 2 years down the road. As your training and experience grow, the Veo 100 Nx is designed to grow with you, being easily programmed for Nitrox mixtures from 21% to 50%.

FO2 50% Default On/Off

Following a Nitrox dive, many dive computers calculate your next dive based on a “worse-case scenario”, mix of 50% Oxygen and 79% Nitrogen should you forget to reset your actual mix. With FO2 50% Default OFF, your mix remains at the original set point until you change it again.

Maximum PO2 Level Alarm (Nitrox)

When diving Nitrox, do you prefer your maximum PO2 exposure to be 1.2 ATA? 1.6 ATA? Depending on where you learned and your own personal comfort zone, the answer may be very different from diver to diver. The Veo 100 Nx lets you set your own limit.

Water Activation On/Off

The Veo 100 Nx automatically enters Dive Mode when the water contacts are wet, and the unit is submerged past 4 feet. To avoid this when swimming or enjoying other water sports, simply set Water Activation Off.

Units of Measurement

Choose between Metric and Imperial settings for date, temperature, depth and pressure.


VT3 OC1 Atom Datamask Transmitter

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by admin on May 24, 2009

In these days of increasing costs and fast moving technologies its good to see that Oceanic have kept a common transmitter module to match their high-end diving computers – the Datamask HUD, the VT3, the VT Pro , Atom 2.0 and Atom 1.0 all can use the same transmitter, along with latest addition to the Oceanic range – the awesome OC1.

In most cases the computer is able to link to up to three transmitters making a formidible combination to be used with various gas mixes.

A transmitter threaded into the regulator first stage high-pressure port which continuously sends cylinder pressure data to the computer. Frequencies are individually coded to allow multiple divers to swim side by side without interference with other units, as well as allow advanced divers to monitor up to 3 independent cylinders. Because the transmitter and display module are independent and separately powered units, the receiver may also be easily used as a stand alone, non-air integrated dive computer.

The transmitter is available in 3 colours – black, yellow and green. It is rated to over 100 metres

The battery can be changed by the user, saving those expensive visits to the dive shop

Finally, have you ever wondered how your buddy is doing for air? Transmitters may be programmed for “SELF” or “BUD” for Buddy – when programmed for “BUD” – the computer will search for and display pressure for transmitters that are within range (4-6 feet).

Rated for use with Nitrox contaning up to 40% oxygen


VT Pro Dive Computer

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No strings attached. Over a decade ago, Oceanic were asked to develop a special diving computer for NASA’s underwater test facility. From that project, the world’s first air integrated wireless dive computer evolved. More recently, the U.S. Navy turned to Oceanic’s Wireless Personal Dive Computer technology to power a new Heads Up Mask. Until recently, […]

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Atom 2.0 Dive Computer

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Withstands high pressure – making it perfect for the office. The ATOM 2.0 is equally at home when worn with wetsuit or a three-piece suit. Don’t be deceived by its small size — this small format PDC powerhouse delivers all the bells and whistles you can imagine at the touch of a button. Just look at these features!

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Superb Oceanic Datamask HUD Video Demonstration

May 15, 2009

This video is made with the eDiving virtual scuba diving simulator. It shows some of the DataMask’s functions while eDiving at the USCGC Duane. Hope you enjoy… How about that! I cant wait to get my hands on one of these beauties. Simply Scuba Datamask HUD information and your best UK price here! Leisure Pro […]

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Oceanic Hera Ladies BCD

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Just for the ladies; fit, comfort, a host of female-friendly features, and absolutely gorgeous styling. Maybe you’ve checked out women’s-specific BC’s before at your local shop but never really got what the hype was about. Sure they have different graphics and size ranges, but what is the real advantage of a women’s-specific BC?

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Oceanic OC1 Dive Computer

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The OC1 Dive Computer from Oceanic is a stunning all-in-one dive computer featuring a precision digital compass, dot matrix display, wireless Buddy Pressure Check and much more. SmartGlo backlighting and audible alarms keep you current when every second counts. The OC1 comes with a USB download cable but does not include a transmitter. Features Precision […]

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Oceanic EOS FDX-10

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When engineering brought the near complete EOS in for conformational testing the results were so astounding, the laboratory stopped testing and performed a complete calibration of all instruments, and in re-testing the EOS was found to have a near effortless inhalation resistive effort on test after test. Perfect.

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Oceanic DataMask HUD

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Simply Scuba Datamask HUD information and your best UK price here! Leisure Pro Datamask HUD information and your best US price here! The Oceanic DataMask HUD contains a miniature liquid crystal display (LCD) panel, proprietary Digital Optic System, microprocessor, depth transducer, wireless cylinder pressure receiver, diver replaceable battery, and controlling software. The miniature LCD allows […]

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Oceanic VT3

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No strings attached. The Oceanic VT3 is a next generation dive computer featuring superior design and technology combined with Oceanic’s trademark ease of use and customization. Whether you’re venturing into the unknown or gliding over a shallow reef, the VT3 achieves a remarkable balance between features and usability, allowing you to focus on what’s important […]

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